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9256 SE 67th Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97206

Phone: 503-254-6400
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Toll Free: 866-823-0070

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Class Act Powder Coatings

Class Act Powder Coating Inc. located in Portland Oregon has been in business for 20 years.

Class Act Powder Coating Inc. utilizes "state of the art" equipment for their Powder Coating projects.

What makes us different than other Powder Coaters?

We are a high-end Automotive Quality powder coater, that looks at every job as is if it is our own. We take the time to clean and mask off all threads whether it is on a chassis or a small part.

With Del?s 35 years of experience in all phases of painting, from Kitchen Cabinets to Cars, Del has the knowledge of almost every kind of application of paint/powder that is out there on the market. But he knows that there is always something new and is eager to learn new techniques to keep us ahead of our competitors. Del is also willing to offer any advice if needed, to anyone that wants to learn the aspects of Powder Coating.

The powder coat guns are designed for electrostatic charge and all parts must be ground for the powder to filter through the guns before reaching the part. The amazing thing is, it sprays out like talcum powder and when we put in the baking oven at 400 degrees, it bakes hard. So there for, you do not want any bearings, rubber, or any other substrate on your parts that will not tolerate the 400 degrees. It will be permanent!!!

Another great thing about powder, it is environmentally safer and cheaper than the liquids. Most Powder coat formulas contain No VOC?s and does not considered Hazardous Waste. Disposal costs for liquid paint, used filters, strippable booth liners, used paint cans, and overall liquid waste, have increased significantly and are projected to increase at an even faster rate in the future. Not only that, liquids are petroleum based, and with the price of petroleum these days, the cost of liquid increases.

Powder Coating has came along way in the last 10 years. It is available in many textures, solid colors, metallics and candy colors. Matter-in-fact, most people cannot tell the difference from powder to liquid with our application.
A lot of colors can even be custom matched. Even though it is not flexible as of liquid colors with 1 drop of this color and 2 drops of that. We have the resources to give you that special look, but we do highly recommend that the powder coat is chosen first before you choose the liquid, due to the fact it easier to match to powder than powder to liquid.


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